Scheduled Courier Service

SGI Delivery Solutions can provide efficient and affordable pickups and deliveries on a prearranged schedule. Whether the delivery or pickup is across town or between cities, we can do it on a same day basis.

We are ready to handle your mail pickup or delivery, payroll, bank deliveries or anything you need to ship on a regular timetable. On-site lock boxes can also be installed to allow convenient after-hours pickup and delivery.

Just make one call to get a complete need’s assessment and a price quote. Then you’re ready to set up your schedule.

Routed Network
Take advantage of the density of your local SGI Delivery Solutions’ network. In the markets we serve, we already go almost everywhere, and we’ll work with you to design a customized routed delivery solution that gets you the maximum efficiency from our network.

Dedicated Network
SGI Delivery Solutions can build an entire delivery infrastructure – routes, vehicles and drivers – that is just for you and your customers.

Dedicated Drivers
If you don’t have the volume to justify your own scheduled network, or if the timing of your deliveries change from day to day, have your own SGI Delivery Solutions driver and vehicle at your disposal. You can lease drivers for a single day or for up to an entire year. We can provide you with a single driver or outsource your entire fleet.